Ferrosilicon is a combination of silicon and iron, which is sold in the market with a purity of 70 and 90%. In addition to iron, about 2 to 4 percent of impurities such as chromium, aluminum, carbon, manganese, calcium, titanium, and sulfur are also present in the composition of ferrosilis, each of which has a significant effect on the final product.

Applications of ferrosilicate in industry

Ferrosilis is one of the compounds used in various industries, especially metallurgical industries, and in this sense, it is very important. How this material is used in the industry largely depends on the ratio of iron and silicon in it, as well as conventional impurities.

• Ferrosilis in metallurgical industries as an alloying, germinating and deoxygenating element
• And almost pure silicon can be used in electronic industries as a semiconductor and rectifier.
In addition, the combined derivatives of silicon are used in the production of siliceous resins, glazes, rubber, etc


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