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Asa Azarin Ferroalloy Company is an active company in the field of ferro-silica production, which produces ferro-silica with various percentages and different packages according to the user’s order and needs.
This company was established on August 25, 1397, and with the help of Altaf Elahi, it reached trial production in March 1400 and started its official production at the beginning of 1401.
The process of building the production line of the factory has been an exhausting and laborious work, which was made possible by the hard work of the personnel and the round-the-clock follow-up of the specialists of this region and the cooperation of government departments and organizations, so that a step can be taken in the direction of job creation in this country.

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Long experience in silica and mineral related companies
Ferosilis production according to the needs and orders of customers
Production of ferrosilis with different percentages and different packaging



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Long former in companies related to silica and minerals

The furnace (Furance) used has three electrodes, which are prepared for melting by using an electric arc and heating of carbon materials after going through the desired processes.
After opening the opening of the furnace and melting, the molten material is poured into fireproof pans and moved to the bed by overhead cranes for cooling.
After cooling the product, it is time for the next step, the crushing process. This work is done by a mechanized industrial stone crusher team.

Ferrosilicon grading operation is in widely used sizes of 0-3, 3-10 and 10-60 mm according to market and customer needs.

The last stage of the main operational phasing of the production line is the packing stage, which is usually supplied in one-ton or bulk jumbo bags according to the customer's needs.
The first stage of the main operation of the production line is the warehouse (Bin), which is divided into two main parts: the warehouse for daily materials and the warehouse for raw materials.


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The import of this collection includes the import of this collection including machinery and production line equipment, spare parts (spares), refractory materials
and insulation as well as raw materials of the factory. The imported raw materials of the factory include Carbon Electrode Paste and Semi Coke, which are used in the production process.


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Asa Azarin Ferroalloy Company is an active company in the field of ferro-silica production, which started its activity in 2017.

According to the user's order and needs, this company produces ferrosilis with various percentages and different packages.

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