Export and Import

The import of this collection includes machinery and production line equipment, spare parts (spares), refractory and insulation materials, as well as factory raw materials.
The raw materials imported by the factory include Carbon Electrode Paste and Semi Coke, which are used in the production process.
Electrode paste:
Electrode Paste is used to produce Soderberg furnace electrodes and used in electric arc furnaces to produce ferroalloys, and its main role is to transfer electric current from the source to the materials inside the furnace, which performs this task in the form of an electrode after baking. . Petroleum coke or calcined anthracite along with special adhesives are used to produce electrode paste. Electrodes are divided into two categories based on consumption:
1- Graphite electrode for the production of high-quality steel, which is produced from a purer type of carbon (needle pitch), which usually contains more than 99% carbon.
2- Paste electrodes used in ferroalloy production furnaces. The electrode paste is first poured into an iron shell, and after heating and forming the electrode in the metal shell shell, they start arcing, and the electrodes produced in this way are also called Soderberg electrodes and are affordable It is more economical than graphite electrodes. This product is usually imported from China